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Install Postcodes4u


Installing and Using Postcode4u

Install Postcodes4u

If you have not done so already, the first stage in installing Postcodes4u is Signing Up for a Postcodes4u Account


sign up for postcodes4u

Signing up is quick and easy and the process is instant.

Just Press 'Register' to get started....Once you have created your account you will be given a Postcode4u username and a Postcodes4u Key as well as 30 free search credits to help you get started.

To set up your website you will need:

  • Your Postcodes4u User Name - shown at the top on the 'My Account' or 'Keys' page,
  • The Postcodes4u Key you wish to use  - These are listed on the Postcodes4u Keys page in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Example 'My Account'->Lookup Keys Page showing Postcodes4u Username and Key Value. 

postcodes4u key
nopcommerce integration

Easy Integration with Nop Commerce

If you want to add Postcodes4u address lookup to your Nop Commerce website you can download our free plugin HERE

When the plugin is activated, and you have added your Postcodes4u Key details, the UK Postcode lookup facility is added to you Store Checkout and Account information pages.

postcodes4u key
wordpress integration

Add Address lookup to your WordPress Site

To add Postcodes4u address lookup to your WordPress site you can download our free plugin HERE

Once added to your site, and the Postcodes4u Key details have been set up, you are ready to go. You can activate our WooCommerce support that adds Postcode Lookup to the popular ECommerce store. We have also included a customisable contact form that includes Postcode Lookup.

For more advanced customisation options see our Developer API guide detailed below.

integrate postcodes4u with wordpress
address lookup api

Add Address lookup to your Magento2 Store

To add Postcodes4u address lookup to your Magento2 store you can download our free plugin HERE

integrate postcodes4u with nopcommerce
address lookup api

Add Address lookup to your Open Cart Store

You can download our Free Open Cart plugin  HERE

address lookup api

Add Address lookup to your Zen Cart Stoes

You can download our Free Zen Cart plugin HERE

address lookup api

Custom Integration (Developer API)

For more advanced integration of the Postcodes4u Address Lookup into your website please go to our 'Developer' page by CLICKING HERE.


TEST Postcodes

If you want to test your Postcodes4u Integration without using any of your account credits - we have provided a number of test postcodes.
The test postcodes are AA901XX, AA902XX, AA903XX & AA904XX.
Each of the test postcodes have 5 synthetic addresses and provide a variety of address types.

contact postcodes4u

UK Help & Support

If you are having any difficulties getting Postcodes4 into your website do not hesitate to contact us HERE.