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Getting started

Postcodes4U is a simple postcode and address validation platform which works seamlessly with existing websites.


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By creating a Postcodes4U account, you will be given 30 credits to get you started. From your account it is easy to add additional credits and monitor how your credits are being used.

Sign Up is an instant process, so you can get started straight away.

Easy Website Integration

We provide Free Postcodes4u plugins for WordPress and NopCommerce. Alternatively you can use our example HTML and Javascript to easily setup a postcode lookup form on your existing website.

For more advanced integration you can can use our Webservices on your website using our API Documentation as a guide.

Simple Connection

Link your website installation to your Postcodes4U account using your Postcodes4u product key which you can see in your Account area. In addition you can generate new Postcodes4u product Keys so you can closely monitor how your Postcode Lookup credits are being used.


Royal Mail Database

Everytime you use our Postcode Loookup services you can be sure that your website will be validated against the most accurate address information in the UK

Easy Credit Control

Keep your account running with minimal fees with automatic top-ups on your account or setup an email alert to know when your balance is low

UK Help & Support

Struggling to integrate Postcodes4 into your website? Got a billing query or something else, do not hesitate to contact us.


All data is provided by Royal Mail meaning that you can minimise data input mistakes, can ensure ecommerce sales reach their owners which also minimises the amount you pay for undelivered mail.


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