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Postcodes4u 2024 Price Increase

The cost of living crises has affected us here to, especially with increased prices for the PAF Data from Royal Mail.
So have reduced the number of lookups in our packages to reflect a 4% increase in price.

So we have worked hard to ensure our prices are lower, in some cases Significantly lower,  than our competition.

 If you have any queries or questions about this - please no not hesitate to contact us.

Postcode Lookup Integrations for WordPress

We’ve created a range of integrations so that you can use our trusted postcode lookup service on a range of solutions used by businesses and charities. One solution used by 43%of the web is WordPress. With so many possibilities to customise and create the website or e-commerce store of your businesses’ dreams it's a great choice.

We have a WordPress Postcodes4u plugin that can add address lookup functionality to 3 popular WordPress features. Here’s a bit more about each of them. 


WooCommerce used with WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source ecommerce system. Ecommerce businesses can benefit greatly from adding a simple postcode lookup feature to their checkout and it can be an easy way to improve customer satisfaction when checking out and reducing cart abandonment rates

Once the plugin is installed and you’ve set up your Postcodes4U account all you need to do is add your username and key details and select ‘integrate into WooCommerce’. You’ll be able to customise the postcode position on the forms so that customers can use their postcode to find their accurate address. 

Contact Forms 7

Do you use ContactForms 7 on your WordPress site to create forms to collect customer information? Contact Forms 7 is one of the most popular plugins used to create forms on WordPress sites as it’s easy to install, free to download and comes with pre-configured contact forms you can add and use straight away. 

Contacts Forms 7 is fully customisable and you can even hide the address fields until selected. You can also add multiple address forms on one page. 

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is another choice to add forms to WordPress. It’s paid for but has a lot more potential ways that it can be used, not just for contact forms.

Read more about using our postcode look up service with Gravity Forms.

Whatever you use Gravity Forms for on your WordPress site you can easily add our postcode lookup service to make sure that any address fields are easily and accurately filled in. 

Get Started Now

You can download the Postcodes4U WordPress plugin directly from the WordPress plugin library for free. Then you just need to sign up on Postcodes4U to activate your account and choose your plan. 

This plugin will add postcode lookup to all 3 of the WordPress plugins mentioned above so that you can make sure you get accurate address data when collecting information and shipping goods. 

Contact us for help with installation or if you have any questions


How to Install a Postcode Lookup Feature to Gravity Forms

Do you use gravity forms on your WordPress site to collect customer information? Collecting data efficiently and effectively is a crucial part of many business activities so having a form plugin that can allow you to customise forms to meet your needs is a must. One of our favourites is Gravity Forms. 

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity forms is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create simple and advanced forms to collect information on their wordpress sites. You can use gravity forms to create contact forms, collect leads, process payments and much more. 

Forms are drag and drop and customisable and can be fine tuned to meet your needs. You also have access to templates that you can use to create set types of forms. 

But Gravity forms also has an extensive list of add ons that can add functions to the forms including CRMs, email marketing, payment processors and… postcode lookup!

Why Use a Postcode Look up Service?

If you haven’t already considered using a postcode lookup service let us tell you why it can be so useful when collecting information. 

  • Ensures Data Accuracy - we use the Royal Mail’s address database, the most reliable address database in the UK

  • Deliver Mail Efficiently - No need to worry about parcels being delivered to the wrong address, we use the most trusted address database available

  • Reduce Returned Deliveries - Get your deliveries right the first time by making sure an address is correct before mailing.

  • Improve Customer Experience - A postcode lookup service is expected of e-Commerce sites these days. Make sure your website is up-to-date to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce Basket Abandonment - Reduce abandonment rates by making your checkout page simpler and quicker to navigate.

  • Verify Customer Identity - Fraud is an increasing problem for e-Commerce sites. Make sure you know who your customers are.

Read more about how using a postcode lookup services can benefit your business

However there are limited UK postcode plugins that work with Gravity forms. The good news is we’re one of them. 

Why Choose Postcodes4u for Your Gravity Forms Integration?

Some plugins require a more complex set up requiring you to customise an existing Gravity Form and adding html scripts to make sure it all works correctly. And if it doesn’t? Well you have to go through the lengthy set up and documentation again to figure out where it all went wrong!

Postcodes4u has made sure that set up and integration with Gravity Forms is as simple as possible. We’ve created a simple plugin that can do all the set up for you making installation easy.The plugin installs automatically and once you’ve signed up on and added your key and username you simply need to turn it on for the form and add the PC4U addresses module to your form!

Get started now and download the plugin from our sister plugin store


How to Structure a UK Address and Postcode

Postcodes have existed in the UK for over 50 years now. It’s hard to imagine how our postal service operated before they existed. But how many of us truly understand what our postcode means or the importance when sending things in the post?

There’s nothing more frustrating than your post going missing, especially if you’re a business that sends out products it can waste time, money and resources trying to fix failed deliveries and find missing post. But it can easily be avoided. 

When sending mail to a UK address you need to provide a full and accurate address, complete with postcode. The purpose of the postcode is to enable the Royal Mail to sort your post quickly and accurately.

In this blog post we show you how UK addresses and postcodes are structured so you can make sure you maximise the chances of a successful delivery. 

The UK Address  

Below is a breakdown of each part of your address:

3X Software Ltd

(Addressee Name/Business Name)

Suite 3, Penrhos Manor

(Building number/name)

Oak Drive

(Street name)

Colwyn Bay

(Postal Town)




(Country - only required for international post)

LL29 7YW


Addressee Name/Business Name 

We need to know who your post is going to so the first line should always be the addressee. If your post is going to a business you might just use the business name.

Building Number/Name and Street Name

The next line of the address is the building name or number and the street or road name.

If your property has a name, it is most commonly entered as a standalone line before the street name. For example:

3X Software Ltd Headquarters,

Oak Drive,


Be aware that in the UK not all buildings or houses have numbers, some only have house names and some might have both a name AND a number! Usually if the address is numbered the street name is on the same line of the address. But if it only has a name it’s on a separate line from the street name. Take a look at the example below to see what we mean. 

23 Princes Drive,

Penrhos Manor, 

Oak Drive

Postal Town, County and Country

Next you need the postal town of your address. Make sure you include this as there are lots of duplicated street names in the UK. Equally important is the county. Counties are geographical and administrative sub-divisions of the UK. Many English countries end in -shire which is the older historically equivalent word for a county. 

And did you know that the United Kingdom is actually made up of 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? If you’re posting from outside of the UK you’ll need to add the country but domestic post doesn’t require the country. 

Colwyn Bay

(Postal Town)





 The Postcode      

The numbers and letters which make up a postcode may seem random at first, but each is significant and vital to differentiating addresses accurately. 

The 3 sections represent your area, district and street in order to make your location easily identifiable via postcode lookup. Usually the postcode is split into 2 parts. The first and second section are written together then there’s a space before the last section.

Here’s a breakdown of each section of a UK postcode:


The first 1 or 2 letters represent the postcode area that you live in


The second part indicates the postcode district that you live in

LL29 7YW

The final part of the postcode identifies the unit/Street that you live in

Common Address Mistakes

Common mistakes include putting your postcode before your county, or melding two separate address categories into one like, like so:

3X Software Ltd,

Suite 3, Penrhos Manor,

Oak Drive

Colwyn Bay, Conwy,

LL29 8HT  

It might not seem important but incorrectly formatted addresses can cause problems in delivery so make sure you’re as accurate as possible when addressing post. 

Still not sure about UK addresses?

Did you know The Royal Mail keeps all its addresses in their Postcode Address File database (known as the PAF) for short. Between four and five thousand records are updated each day, making it by far the most reliable UK address database system. At the time of posting the database holds over 1.7 MILLION postcodes and over 31 MILLION delivery points. 

Addresses and postcodes can be unnecessarily complicated but Postcodes4U provides a simple solution. If you need further information about postcodes, or want to check addresses against the most reliable address database in the UK, visit

We utilise the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File in order to provide the most up-to-date and accurate address information available in the UK. 

We also create easy to use plugins for e-commerce platforms and provide solutions that ensure your business is always able to use the most accurate up to date address information. 

Find out more here and try it out for free with 30 free search credits to get you started. 


Address Validation for Charities

If you’re a charity you’ll know how important it is to ensure you have the correct data for your supporters and donors. Without it, problems can arise and hinder the good work you’re doing. Read on to find out why address validation is important for charities and trusts and how Postcodes4u can help you to carry out your charitable work effectively. 

Receiving Donations

Most charities rely on generous donations from supporters and nowadays a lot of us are used to giving online. But security is becoming more and more of a concern to both individuals and banks. If incorrect address information is given in the donation process banks may block payments. If payments don’t go through it could mean that it takes longer to receive the donation or it could mean not receiving the donation at all. In order to avoid this adding a simple postcode lookup service to the donation form can stop this from happening. 

It’s also really important to hold the correct address in particular for donors who are adding Gift Aid to their donation. 

Gift Aid

Gift aid is a scheme where charities can claim an extra 25p for every pound donated by a UK taxpayer. In order to claim gift aid charities need to have the correct name and address of the donor in a GiftAid declaration form. 

A gift aid declaration should state that the donor has paid the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year and they agree to Gift Aid being claimed. It also needs to include:

  • The name of your charity or community amateur sports club (CASC)

  • The donor’s full name

  • The donor’s home address


Head to the website for more information on gift aid


Charities also need to communicate regularly with their donors. Although many people now use email to communicate there are still lots of people who prefer to receive their information in the post. Holding the correct addresses for donors ensures that communications won’t get lost and that donors and supporters can be made aware of the good work their supported charity is doing and where their donation is contributing. It can also encourage more donations but only if it’s reaching the right person!

How Postcodes4u can help

In order to ensure you hold the correct data for your donors Postcodes4u can help with our postcode lookup plugin service. When donors 

Meaning that donors can accurately fill in their address ensuring you’ll be able to receive donations and claim gift aid without any problems. 

If you are a small, UK-based registered charity registered with the Charity Commission or a Community Interest Company with an annual income of less than £10 million, you may qualify to receive PAF data free of charge. This means we can offer our services at a discounted rate.

You have to register online with the Royal MAil, for more information visit

Once you are registered contact us and we will provide you with a discount code for our postcode lookup service. We can also help you to install the plugin free of charge. 

Contact us to learn more 

New Subscription service

We appreaciate that at the moment it can be difficult to commit to a large investmnet in your business. That's why we decided to introduce a new monthly subscription service.

You can change or even cancel your subsrciption at an time.

Gives you the ability to budget

Don't forget the benefits of using the service. wrongly addressed parcels and letters can mean extra cost due to extra deliveries.
Extra deliveries are not great for our planet, get it right fisrt time and use our address lookup service


Wordpress Updates

We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the plugin facilities we offer.

Our WordPress Postcodes4u plugin has been updated to fully support the new features in the latest version of Gravity Forms (2.5) including a number of display enhancements.


The Postcode Lookup and Address Select button text can now be changed to custom values.


The Plugin has been updated to ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, Contact Form7 and WooCommerce.


= Version 1.5.24 =

Gravity Forms Updates

    Updated to increase compatibility with GravityForms 2.5.x

        inc formatting changed for hidden/pop up GF Address Form

    Enhancements for GravityForms & Elementor on Mobile devices.

    Enabled Postcode Lookup on Gravity Form Editor

Postcodes4u Control Styling added to styles file



Added new option to allow Lookup Warning messages (eg. No Postcode Specified etc)

Added Ability to Customise Lookup Button Text (Default 'Lookup')

 and Address Select (Default 'Select an Address')

If you need nay help feel free to conact us and we will do our utmost to assist you


Customer Support from 17/03/20

Due to the latest government advice we at Postcodes4u will be working remotely rather than office based.  Our support hours will remain the same, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  For any queries / support issues please contact us using our contact form or phone 01492 539021

The Importance of Address Validation

Address validation is the process of ensuring that customer addresses are correct often comparing it with information in official databases such as the Royal Mail’s PAF database. 

This blog post looks at why address validation is important and how you can put it into practice in your business to ensure your information is accurate and you’re operating efficiently. 

Why is it important to validate addresses?

There are 2 stages to address validation. We need to make sure information when we first capture the data and we need to ensure that the information stays up to date and valid. Keeping out of date information on our databases can be costly and wasteful. 

Let’s take a look at how we can ensure addresses are valid in both of these stages. 

1. Capturing Information

It seems obvious to state that it’s important to capture the right customer information right at the start. But this is a key point where incorrect information can cause problems. 

Particularly for e-commerce businesses it’s vital that address information is valid and correct or it may cause problems with delivery (a key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and retention). This in return can mean wasted time and money for your business. 

A postcode lookup service like the one offered by Postcodes4U is an easy cost effective way to integrate address validation into your checkout process. Customers input their postcode and select the right address in the correct format from the Royal Mail PAF database the most trusted, up to date address database in the UK. 

2. Keeping information up to date

Once you have your database of addresses we need to make sure that they stay relevant and up to date. There’s no point having a database full of addresses that are incorrect. Holding incorrect data could cause problems with analysis, security and customer satisfaction and trust. 

It’s important to correct any errors that might have been made if you didn’t validate addresses when they were first collected or ensure that any address modifications have been noted. Remember that the PAF receives 4-5000 updates every day!

How can Postcodes4U help?

As well as our postcode lookup service Postcodes4U also offer an address validation service. Going through your database to validate your customer addresses can be a long and arduous process but it doesn’t have to be. 

Contact us for a no obligation chat about how we can help and keep your data up to date and accurate.

2 Ways to Try Out Postcodes4u for Free

We’re confident and proud of our address lookup services but we know that when you’re investing in something for your business you’re keen to test it out first to make sure it’s right for you. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to try out our services before you commit. 

Here’s how you can do that: 

1. Take advantage of your 30 free search credits

When you sign up to Postcodes4U we give you 30 free search credits to get started. Once you’ve used all of your free search credits you’ll need to sign up to one of our plans to continue using the service. 

If you ever find you need a few more test search credits to complete your testing just give us a call and we will be only too happy to help you out.

2. Use our Test Postcodes

We’ve also introduced a new way for you to test without using any search credits at all.

If you would like to test our service before purchasing you can now use one of the following free test postcodes:





Each of the test postcodes have 5 synthetic addresses and provide a variety of address types.

Why use an address lookup service?

Introducing an Address lookup from a Postcode service on your website will show the user you are a professional business and you care about your customers user experience when they visit your site.

Learn more here or simply contact us to find out how we can get you set up with our postcode lookup service.