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Annual Pricing Plans



30 search credits




1,600 search credits
3.1p each




51,500 search credits
2.2p each




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Cost Total look-ups Price per lookup
£10.00 220 4.5p BUY
£25.00 700 3.6p BUY
£50.00 1600 3.1p BUY
£100.00 3500 2.9p BUY
£270.00 10400 2.6p BUY
£570.00 23000 2.5p BUY
£1,150.00 51500 2.2p BUY
£2,850.00 147000 1.9p BUY



Monthly Subscription Pricing Plans


Small User

£15 Per Month

340 search credits/Month
4.4p each


Large User

£30 Per Month

925 search credits/month
3.2p each


Very Large User

£50 Per Month

1700 search credits/month
2.9p each




Click Here To See Full Monthly Subscription Price List
Cost per Month Total look-ups Price per lookup
£15.00 340 4.4p BUY
£20.00 545 3.7p BUY
£30.00 925 3.2p BUY
£40.00 1320 3p BUY
£50.00 1700 2.9p BUY
£100.00 3600 2.8p BUY
£150.00 6000 2.5p BUY
£200.00 8100 2.5p BUY

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All prices are excluding VAT.

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 *Information correct as of April 2016


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