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3 Ways an Address Lookup Can Reduce Basket Abandonment

For most e-Commerce businesses, a chief concern is how to transform ‘website visitors’ into customers.

In 2015, overall basket abandonment rates were estimated at an astonishing 76.6%! That means a whopping three-quarters of your audience leave before purchasing!

Despite these astronomical figures, it is possible to convert some of these ‘abandoners’ into repeat customers.

The formula can be difficult to master, but there are a few tricks to use to try and boost numbers in your favour. Here are three ways that an address lookup service can reduce basket abandonment on your e-Commerce site.


1) Shortens Checkout Time

Most e-Commerce blogs will advise you to simplify your checkout forms; the more work you leave your customers to do, the less likely they are to complete it.

Having an address lookup service to fill in the form for you reduces work for your customer, making it less likely that they will lose interest.


2) Alleviates Fear

The web is still a scary place for a lot of users. Even in 2016, some customers still don’t like putting their financial details on the internet.

With a postcode lookup service you can reduce this fear; an address lookup service helps give your business legitimacy and helps potential customers know that you are.

It especially helps your site’s credibility when you are using a trusted Royal Mail address database!


3) Builds Trust

If your checkout forms fail to build trust and credibility, it’s likely that you’re losing out on a lot of potential business.

It is pivotal to build bridges with potential customers by letting them know you care about their buying experience, and an address lookup is a great way of doing that.

When a customer sees that you can access their address from a database, they can trust that the delivery process is a legitimate one and that their package will reach them without complications.


If you’re still not convinced, why not explore and learn about all the other ways that an address lookup service can be beneficial to your e-Commerce business.